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KONDA Research and Consultancy is a public opinion research and consultancy company established in 1986 by Tarhan Erdem.

For over 25 years KONDA's aim has been to provide scientific, robust and, most importantly, reliable information on society in Turkey and it has thus proven its success in countless elections.

Merited for its accurate, unbiased and bulls-eye election polls for a quarter of a century, KONDA continues to venture on untrodden ground with not only political but also sociological research.

KONDA has been the sector leader primarily due to its success, but also thanks to its cutting-edge, innovative institutional culture and and special research models.

Well aware that all opinion polls are scrutinized and finally validated or invalidated publicly, the KONDA team approaches all its work with sensitivity and care. On the other hand, the same team handles every project in a creative manner, seeing them as pretexts for innovation.

At KONDA, every single project is embraced with both the experience of a quarter century in the business and with the excitement of the first time.

KONDA produces reliable information with scientific methods and offers that information in the most simple, understandable and impartial way…

We would like to remind you again, information is as reliable as its source is.